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Las Vegas Chickens

Sometimes I debate the idea of having another child but children are a long term and expensive commitment. By contrast, a chicken is a pet which repays you your expense in food in fresh eggs and supposedly can be trained to be pet-like in many respects. Chickens only live about three years – or less […]

Growing Carrots in Las Vegas

Carrots are very easy to grow. In Las Vegas’ hard soils, the only difficulty can be the length of the carrots. Try growing them in pots or raised beds. Depending on the depth of your vessel you can also opt for a short, stubby variety of carrot. The best varieties of short carrots to grow […]

Getting your garden started for spring planting in Las Vegas

January may seem to early to need to be getting started planting here in Las Vegas, but our summer will catch up to us fast. Without an early start, many plants that in other climates would have a long growing season will experience burn and die before you get a good harvest, if not started […]

Gardening Resource Guides for Las Vegas

I am creating a list of all the best resource guides for gardening in Las Vegas that I find. Let me know if you recommend others!   Las Vegas Gardening Resource List   University of Nevada’s Guide on Becoming a Desert Gardener (ie – Las Vegas) Master Gardener Help Line at the University of Nevada: […]

Leather Crafting: A fun, Off-strip Adventure

I had a great time making this leather purse with some girlfriends over at Tandy Leather here in Las Vegas.   They have craft workshops regularly and are so good, you’d never know if I wasn’t admitting it that this was the first time I have made anything out of leather.   I do have […]

Nearby great retreat: Palm Springs Tennis Club

I had an opportunity to take the girls on a vacation at Palm Springs Tennis Club in Palm Springs. One of the great things about Las Vegas is how many different places I can get to with just a short road trip. Palm Springs was about a 4 1/2 hour drive, and this place was […]

Raising Ducks. Yes, in Las Vegas. Whaaaat?

(Originally published September 19, 2013) You’re invited for duck dinner…4 months to 1 year from now, that is, after my new baby ducks have grown large enough to hopefully handle my garden pest problem and provided several months worth of omelettes. Whaat? Did I move to Kansas? No, I am still here in Las Vegas, […]

Sunflowers in Las Vegas

I am growing sunflowers in Las Vegas. We planted 4. The three I planted first got really big, were really low maintenance, and got a lot of “wow” factor with the kids (always a plus). We have only harvested one of the three, so far. The others we are letting ripen a little more, and […]

Hiking Las Vegas “Narrows”

On the outskirts of Lake Mead there is a rock formation very similar to the Narrows at Zion but smaller, with less water (but much shorter driving distance). When the directions take you off the paved road the thrill of potentially getting lost adds to the adventure and allure of this short but sweet hike. […]